Letter About the Texafornia Hurricane Relief Fund

To All:

Last month, Hurricane Harvey cost lives and caused more than $150 billion dollars of damage to southeast Texas. As we watched from San Diego, we witnessed people in the communities of Houston and Port Arthur come together with remarkable determination and resourcefulness, abandoning self-regard to help others in need. As many others across the world, we were humbled by these acts of love, kindness, and bravery-- a feeling that is only amplified by our deep personal and professional ties to the affected areas.

Houston and Port Arthur will recover and come back even stronger, and we are committed as a record label to helping with this process. Therefore, we are releasing Collarossi’s latest album Welcome To Texafornia – produced by Houston’s DJ Young Samm and recorded entirely in Houston with an all-star lineup of Texas artists -- exclusively on our website Collarossi.com on Monday, September 18. The album will be made available for digital download with a suggested ten dollar ($10) donation to the Texafornia Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. The label has agreed to and hereby pledges that it will give 100% of donations thru the end of 2017 to three well-regarded area charities in equal shares (1/3 share to each):

1. Houston Food Bank                                                                  

2. Greater Houston Community Foundation                                                

3. SE Texas Food Bank                                           

There is no limit to what you can donate; there is no dollar limit to our 100% guarantee. To this end, we established an interest-bearing bank account with JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. here in San Diego for the collection and disbursement of all donations. We will write checks from this account periodically until all of the money raised for the Fund during its existence (2017) has been distributed to the charitable organizations designated above.

(Note: in an effort to promote this opportunity to give back, we will not release the album on any other digital service, such as iTunes or Spotify, or make it available for physical distribution to stores/vendors for at least six (6) weeks following the 9/18 release date.)

Finally, we want you to know that Texafornia was in title long before today, because of the respect and love we have for our Texas family.   We hope that this project, however small, will make a difference in the community. Enjoy the album!


Johnny & Paul

Top Shelf Wreckords (San Diego, CA)